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Cake of the Month

The Complete 2014 Cake of the Month Menu

January/Toasted Coconut Peach

Escape the winter doldrums with our white cake filled with tasty peach mousse, frosted

with whipped cream and covered with toasted coconut.

February/Chocolate Cookie Frappuccino

Our devils food cake is filled with espresso mousse and crushed oreos and frosted with

chocolate whipped cream

March/ Irish Cake Bomb

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with our yellow cake filled with Irish cream mousse frosted

with Guinness Buttercream, and drizzled with chocolate ganache.

April/Limoncello Cake

A triple burst of lemon, lemon cake drizzled with limoncello, filled with lemon filling and

frosted with whipped cream.

May/Chocolate Butterscotch

Three layers of devils food cake, filled with butterscotch pudding and frosted with

whipped cream.

June/Neopolitan Cake

Our tasty strawberry cake is filled with one layer of chocolate mousse, and one layer of

vanilla mousse, and frosted with whipped cream.

July/Cherry Lime

Key lime cake filled with cherry mousse and frosted with whipped cream.

August/Orange Polenta Cake

Orange cornmeal cake filled with refreshing orange mousse and frosted with vanilla

buttercream frosting.

September/Apple Crisp

Golden yellow cake filled with baked spiced apples, house-made streusel and frosted

with cream cheese frosting.

October/Mocha Coconut

Our famous gooey coconut filling paired with mocha cake and mocha whipped cream.

November/Spice cake with Nutella Pumpkin Mousse

Tasty spice cake filled with a light pumpkin chocolate hazelnut mousse and frosted with

whipped cream.

December/Ginger Cheesecake with Ruby Red Grapefruit Topping

Ginger spiced cheesecake with gingersnap crust, topped with pretty and refreshing ruby

red grapefruit slices.


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