Cake of the Month

The Complete 2015 Cake of the Month Menu

January/Honey Yogurt Granola Cake

Our golden cake filled with honey yogurt mousse, housemade granola and

frosted with  whipped cream.


February/Chocolate Strawberry Nutella

Our devils food cake ( heart-shaped, or not!) is filled with a layer of Nutella mousse and a layer of

strawberry mousse and frosted with whipped cream.


March/ Drunken Sailor

Marble cake drenched with dark rum, filled with chocolate mousse and caramel

drizzle, frosted with Guinness buttercream.


April/Lemon Lavender

A lightly herbed lemon lavender cake filled with lemon filling and

frosted with lemon buttercream.


May/Chocolate Cherry Swirl

Tasty cherry cake with a chocolate swirl, filled with cherry mousse and

frosted with chocolate whipped cream.


June/Vanilla Almond Cake

Light almond white cake filled with vanilla mousse and frosted with

almond buttercream, topped with chocolate covered almonds.



A tropical combination of our yellow cake, filled with one layer mango mousse,

one layer pineapple mousse, and frosted with whipped cream.

August/Peach Cobbler

A bake sale favorite! Yellow cake filled with peach mousse and buttery crumb,

frosted with cream cheese frosting.


September/Banana Caramel Cake

Our moist banana cake filled with caramel mousse and caramel drizzle,

frosted with brown sugar buttercream.


October/Apple Moonshine

A new fall classic! Locally distilled moonshine soaked apple cake

filled and frosted with cream cheese frosting.


November/Ginger Mascarpone Cake

Our lightly spiced ginger cake filled with sweetened mascarpone filling

and frosted with our spiced whipped cream.


December/Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake

A rich chocolate graham cracker crust filled with chocolate cheesecake

and peanut butter swirl. Ganache topped for a festive holiday treat!