Cake of the Month Menu 2017

The Complete 2017  Cake of the Month Menu

New flavors for you to try each month!


Blackberry Cheesecake

Blackberry Cheesecake

January/ Italian Cookies and Cream
An Italian version of a classic! Our yellow cake filled with crushed almond biscotti and whipped cream.February/ Chocolate Really Raspberry
The perfect Valentine treat! Moist devils food cake filled with raspberry mousse and frosted with raspberry buttercream.March/Irish CoffeeThree layers of our yellow cake, filled with coffee mousse and frosted with our Irish cream buttercream.

April/ Blackberry Cheesecake
A berry good cheesecake with a rich chocolate graham cracker crust. Topped with yummy chocolate ganache.

May/ Ginger Lime
Our lightly spiced ginger cake filled with lime mousse and frosted with fresh ginger infused whipped cream.

June/ Vanilla Pretzel Toffee
Our house-made pretzel toffee is the perfect balance of salty and sweet. Vanilla cake with crushed toffee, vanilla mousse and buttercream frosting.

July/  Mango Coconut Cake
Perfect for your summer gatherings! Our coconut cake filled with mango mousse and frosted with whipped cream.

August/Chocolate Zucchini Cake
A seasonal treat, chocolate zucchini cake filled and frosted with chocolate cream cheese frosting.

September/ Maple Blueberry
Our favorite breakfast flavors in a cake! Three layers of our light maple cake, filled with blueberry mousse and whipped cream.

October/Orange Spice Cake
Spice up your day with our tasty spice cake, frosted with a refreshing orange cream cheese frosting.

November/Chocolate Toasted Almond
A chocolate version of our famous toasted almond cake! Devils food cake filled with almond mousse and almond crunchies, frosted with chocolate whipped cream.

December/ Holiday Spumoni
A traditional flavor combination to celebrate the season! Cherry cake filled with pistachio mousse, frosted with whipped cream.