My Cori Story

Me and Cori 2014
Me and Cori 2014

I starting thinking about my Mom’s life in thirds. To borrow my Dad’s expression, there was “BC”.

In Carmen’s experience this meant before Cori, for Cori this meant before Carmen. In her “BC” years, 36 of them, she was a daughter, a sister, a professional woman, a co-worker, a friend , a sister-in law, and an auntie. 

She spoke fondly of growing up simply in a somewhat rural area of town , Town Plot. She spoke of the Depression, bread lines, simple meals, picking wild berries and asparagus, riding the railroad and taking a family trek cross country.

As a young woman she spent a year or two living in California, felt the tug of family and returned home.

In a generation where many women settled .... she waited for true love and found it with Carmen. This was a true partnership.

Cori and Carmen 1961
Cori and Carmen 1961

Together they laughed, danced, dined, drank, entertained, traveled. They also forged life long relationships and commitments to their families, friends and neighbors. These bonds still exist for Ralph and me today.

They made it a point to just “be there”. For all our us.For fun times and difficult times.

If there was a dress or Halloween costume to sew, Cori was there.

If there was a perm or wash and set to do, Cori was there.

If there was a party to plan and decorations to be crafted, she was there.

Always particular about the details and etiquette.

If there was a friend in pain, she was there, along with my Dad.

“AC” After Carmen

The third act of Cori’s life allowed us to discover her as an individual. Not as part of the ultimate power couple.

Her bravery and strength never wavered.

She rediscovered her love of reading.

She kept the ledgers at the bakery flawless up until a year ago. 

She taught herself how to text.

She enjoyed going out for sushi, dishing all about Project Runaway, and our family dinners (We will miss your artichokes).

Just a few weeks ago she hopped up on a barstool and Diorio and was sipping a Prosecco.

Hair, nails and makeup perfect, of course.

She was always ready to give advice, and show you how something should be done. One of her classic “Cori “ lines was “let me show you how I would do that. “

Well,she certainly showed us all how to do it.

Me, Ralph and Cori 1966
Me, Ralph and Cori 1966
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