Tiffany Cakes: Great things come in small packages!

I’ve always believed that good things come in small packages; especially small Tiffany blue boxes. Although I adore Tiffany jewelry, almost nothing could be better than a Tiffany iced chocolate cake. I was recently asked to create adorable square cupcakes in the Tiffany theme for an longtime customer’s shower. Her idea seemed simple, a small cupcake box for each guest at the shower, prominently displayed on festive cake stands in the center of each table. Perfect idea! dessert and centerpiece all in one.

Those that really know me, know that I would much rather ice a ten tier wedding cake than ice 85 4-inch square cakes. Just a simple patience issue... one that I am working on.... We decided that one cake on top of the tiered stand would be fondant. Although beautiful, no one really wants to eat fondant. We decided to ice 8 small boxes with buttercream that guests could enjoy for dessert . The fondant cake, plus cake stand would be a “take-home” for the lucky guest with the penny under their coffee cup. I love this tradition!

So many tiny gum paste bows later, the cakes were ready for their big day. Carefully delivered and displayed , the cakes were a huge hit. Sometimes the pressure of these days and the weeks leading up to them can be exhausting. But the payoff is the great feeling that comes with being a part of a family’s life events year after year. Exhaustion and teal blue stained fingertips aside, it was a good weekend.

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