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The New Year's Batch

Every Christmas our family makes Italian Strufoli. For those unfamiliar with strufoli, they are delicious little morsels of fried dough smothered in honey and topped with festive nonpareils. Strufoli is a Neapolitan specialty,  but can vary from family to family. Some are stacked like a tree and harden to a brittle-like consistency. My grandmother long ago tweaked this recipe to be a soft dough, lightly fried and honey coated. Many eat them by the morsel, I eat them by the bowl full.

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Project Michigan

The bakery turned 26 this year. Along with this milestone, I had a feeling that maybe the bakery ( and me as well!) could use a bit of re-branding... a kind of  business facelift. I began thinking . "Is it time to re-do the logo? Are we still fresh in the minds of our consumers and/or potential customers? Are we still relevant , among the growing competition of cupcake shops, food trucks and Pinterest DIYers? " Does our website communicate what we are all about?"

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Beyond Cake

Of course, we love cake! Especially wedding cakes. A towering masterpiece of sugar has always been a traditional way to celebrate a wedding. In ancient Rome, a piece of cake was broken over the bride's head , then eaten by the bride and groom for good luck. In Medieval England, guests were asked to bring a small cake to the wedding celebration. The cakes were piled high and the bride and groom had to kiss over the top to guarantee their happy life together!

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